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Integrating Leading-Edge Electronic Equipment and Traditional Craftsmanship

Today, electronic devices are constantly improving in performance and miniaturization is making them smaller than ever. It goes without saying that such advancement could not be realized without ultrafine electronic parts which are getting increasingly smaller day by day. Meanwhile, super precise and high quality manual processing is still indispensable in order to get the best performances out of those electronic parts because automated machines are not yet capable of performing all of the required processing tasks.

We believe that our company’s micron-level technology for such manual processing was made possible thanks to the hardworking and dexterous nature of the Japanese. In other words, the technology is a representation of our “craftsmanship”. The integration of “traditional craftsmanship” and the technology of “state-of-the-art electronic equipment” requiring micron-level precision is the very theme of our company.

PRO·CEED endeavors to provide our customers with a sense of security and satisfaction through the leading-edge, value-added product manufacture, with our craftsmen’s sincerity and professionalism as our unrivalled advantage.


Printed Boardbr
Surface Mounting

Assembling and Surface Mounting of Various Printed Boards



Aiming to Become the One and Only Company with a State-of-the Art Facility and Unique Know How

PRO·CEED’s technology is best used when it is not possible to automate or mechanize the mounting of parts on printed wiring boards. We provide a high-quality service for surface mounting, underpinned by the excellent skills of our craftsmen and our experienced operation of leading-edge equipment, which cannot be expected from the competitors.

We have accumulated unparalleled skills and experience especially in the field of large multi-layer boards, for both the operation of state-of-the-art equipment and manual surface mounting. We inspect the finished products using optical inspection equipment and a visual inspection support system to warrant reliability, which is essential to electronic devices, at the highest level.

As for small PCBs, the whole process from preparation of printing masks to surface mounting is completed in our factory. We also provide special surface mounting services in which surface mounting is performed completely manually with our “traditional craftsmanship.” We can flexibly and promptly meet our customers’ special needs, such as production or test production of various items in small amounts.


Highest-Quality Automated and Manual Surface Mounting

Highest-Quality Automated and Manual Surface Mounting

Surface mounting by PRO·CEED mainly uses the following three methods: automated mounting with cutting-edge equipment; manual mounting by our craftsmen; and mounting using printing masks. We are proud of our unrivalled technology and know-how we have built up for those methods.

01 b-1

01b-1 Leading-Edge Chip Mounter & Reflow System

High-density and fine semiconductor packages are available with our leading-edge chip mounter and reflow oven. We also realize reduction in cost for parts procurement and reduction in time for product manufacturing. Our reflow system uses a forced convection heat transfer mechanism, which is best suited for lead-free soldering; nitrogen reflow soldering is also available. The system is capable of quick and accurate surface mounting onto large multi-layer boards of 609*914 mm at the largest.

· Chip Mounter: MYCRONIC NY200SX-14/T6
· Reflow Oven: NRY-660Scc-8Z/W made by Yamato Works Corporation

01 b-2

01b-2 Surface Mounting and Visual Inspection by Skilled Craftsmen

Our skilled craftsmen, who are no less excellent than the state-of-the-art machines, provide special surface mounting services including manual mounting of electronic components that cannot be mounted by chip mounters. They also provide close visual inspection using a dual camera inspection support system. We thus offer both high quality and reduced time in production.

01 b-3

01b-3 Production of Printing Masks

We are capable of manufacturing printing masks in house, based on CAD or DXF data provided by our customers, using a small cutting and processing machine. We thus realize inexpensive, quick, high-quality surface mounting also for small printed boards, for which use of modern chip mounters is excessive.


Assembling of Electronic Devices

Assembling and Manufacturing of Electronic Devices



Coping with Intense Work Securely and Step by Step

PROCEED’s technology is also exhibited in assembling and manufacturing of electronic devices. Even such overwhelming work as wiring for thousands of cables and probe pins is all performed manually by our craftsmen, not to mention micro-soldering. Further, inspection of finished products is also conducted manually, thereby identifying very small errors that are difficult to find with machines and securely producing high-level products required by our customers. We have also realized fast production of electronic devices by making necessary jigs and tools in house and improving efficiency in the assembling and wiring work. We thus provide electronic device assembling with high quality, high precision and low cost to meet the needs of our customers.


Example of Our Electronic Device Assembling Work

An example of our assembling work below illustrates a motherboard for the test head of a semiconductor tester. The product is indeed the fruit of our craftsmen’s techniques produced with great precision in manual soldering for as many as three thousand cables.

02 b-1

Step 1: Assembling of Motherboard

First, pre-arrangement (forming) of cables is performed, and the cables are connected to more than 200 daughter boards. The cables are then connected to a motherboard with great care not to produce misconnections, whereby a motherboard assembly is fabricated. The assembling is carefully and skillfully conducted in accordance with a well-thought process flow not to give stress to the cables.

02 b-2

Step 2: Continuity Test

The motherboard assembly is then subjected to electrical continuity tests with our self-developed tester (PD-1000). The tester can check whether the cables are correctly connected by simply switching the relay contact ON and OFF. The reliability of our products is thus ensured.

02 b-3

Step 3: Finishing

After the continuity test, approximately four thousand probe pins are inserted into the assembly. Waveforms passing through the cables are checked, and then the package cover is placed onto the assembly. When the final adjustment is completed, the finished product for the test head of the semiconductor tester is prepared.



Assembling and Manufactuing of Micromodules



Microscopic World Only Craftsmen Can Deal With

PRO·CEED has a clean room and is capable of manufacturing electronic equipment composed of ultra-fine super precision parts, such as high-frequency measuring instruments designed for frequency bandwidths from 300 KHz to 8 GHz. Fine objects floating in the air are prevented from entering the clean room, and operation of micron-level precision, such as mounting of ultra-fine parts, is allowed. Needless to say, such a delicate operation is only available with the exceptional skills of craftsmen.
Collaboration with a modern facility and the traditional manual work of our skilled technicians realizes our highly technical and high-quality services, including surface mounting of ultrafine super precision parts, connecting and wiring of modules, wire bonding using Au wires, and manufacturing of semiconductor assemblies.


Examples of Surface Mounting under Microscope

Surface mounting of ultra-fine super precision parts is achieved only by experienced and skilled craftsmen. In particular, connecting or wiring ultra-fine parts under a microscope is extremely difficult. Examples of the work conducted by our craftsmen are below.

Connector-RF Line Welding

Soldering of components for high-frequency measuring instruments must be avoided in order to prevent degradation of their performance. Instead, they are bonded by adding pressure and heat to a sheet-like Au ribbon with a welder.

Wire Bonding

Wire bonding is ultra-fine work in which ultrasonic waves are irradiated to Au wires of 18 microns in order to fuse and bond the wires to a diode pad of merely 50 microns in width using an ultrasonic wire bonder.

Resin Die Bonding

Conductive epoxy resin is applied where continuity is required, and a diode is mounted thereon. The resin is then cured in a constant temperature chamber, thereby bonding the diode in a continuity state.

Au-Sn Eutectic Die Bonding

An Au-Sn pellet is placed on the surface of a substrate, and a component is mounted on the substrate via the pellet. The pellet is then melted with a eutectic bonder, thereby bonding the component in a continuity state.


System Cables

Manufacturing of Various System Cables



Flexible Enough to Accept Small Lot Orders for Various Items

Our craftsmen’s skills are also exhibited in the manufacturing of system cables for industrial electronic equipment. We cover a diverse range of products from thin coaxial cables to thick cables used for power supply. In addition, we offer various connectors that can be attached to the end of cables, from standard connector cables to those commonly used in Europe. We provide high quality products with a combination of our modern facility, such as equipment for processing coaxial cable ends with a precision of 1/100 mm, and traditional skills of our craftsmen, who are capable of manually processing cables with very high accuracy. Of course, we also think it important to pursue reductions in time and costs for production. You do not have to worry when you ask us to manufacture various items in small amounts, produce a few items in large volumes, or to provide any other services.


Our Technology Provides Quality beyond Expectation

The processing and manufacturing of system cables is relatively simple work. However, because it is simple, the quality of finished products varies relative to the levels of technology. You will surely experience our unparalleled technology when you use our finished products and find that their quality is far beyond your expectations.

04 b-1

Pressure Welding, Pressure Bonding and Soldering Services

The processing of cable ends, using pressure welding, pressure bonding and soldering, is where the excellence of our technology is clearly exhibited. In particular, we offer the high-precision soldering of connectors with a contact pitch of 1.27 mm and wires at AWG #30 (approx. 0.3 mm).

04 b-2

Our Standard and Custom-Made Connectors and Cables

We accept orders to process connectors and cables of our customers as well as various cables we purchase from suppliers. We are flexible enough to fulfill the wide-ranging needs of our customers, including both large-lot production and small lot orders for various items.

04 b-3

Willingly Accepting Orders with Tight Deadlines

We are always ready for a sudden change in demand, by following our stock refilling policy to “refill what is necessary, when necessary and how much necessary,” and by securing the appropriate amount of stock for each manufacturing job. We thereby realize reduction in time for production and provide customers with our products in a surprisingly short period of time.


About PRO·CEED Inc.

PRO·CEED’s Vision Succeeding the Skills
and Spirit of our Craftsmen

PRO·CEED has always been proud of ourselves as a group of highly-skilled craftsmen, ever since the company’s foundation. We started our business as a subcontractor for the production and repair of consumer electronic devices for major manufacturers, and our business has expanded in response to the growing needs of our customers, who have rightly appreciated our skill. With the core business of surface mounting and electronic equipment assembly, we have accumulated skill and experience in the processing and assembling of electronic parts. Of course, we have not built up only the skill for the production of goods, but also experience in fostering excellent craftsmen. Based on our know-how for staff education, we have established an extensive training system. For example, we have set up a certification system for each section of processing, wherein we keep our staff’s skills at the highest level and improve on them even more. Our technology has obtained wide recognition in the microelectronics technology area, and now we have a technical tie to a national university. The technology and spirit of PRO·CEED have thus been securely succeeded in other fields.

Our Commitment

PRO·CEED is determined to act for production innovation in line with our customers and to spread those activities continuously, widely, thoroughly, and surely.
We are also determined to present a factory we can be proud of to the world where each staff member will voluntarily think and take action, thus creating a virtuous cycle of growth in which people will “learn, think, act and find.”



510-4, Higashi Shinmachi, Ota, Gunma 373-0015

10 minutes from Niragawa Station of Tobu Isesaki Line by car

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Company Name



510-4, Higashi Shinmachi, Ota, Gunma 373-0015



Date of Establishment

September 5, 1990


JPY 30,000,000


Takuya Umezawa

No. of Employees


Fiscal Year

September 1 to August 31

Business Areas

Assembling and manufacturing of printed boards, electronic devices and cables related to semiconductor testers

Main Banks

Ashikaga Bank, Gunma Bank, Kiryu Shinkin Bank


August, 1990

Constructed a company-owned building dedicated to the design of special-purpose equipment, jigs and tools, and production technology.

September, 1990

Registered PRO·CEED Inc. on the company register.

August, 1991

Started the business of assembling and manufacturing electronic measuring instruments and printed boards.

August, 1992

Started the business of assembling and manufacturing special-purpose equipment and cables for measuring instruments.

May, 2000

Obtained ISO9002.

October, 2000

Constructed a factory dedicated to micro-soldering (equipped with a clean room).

October, 2004

Started the business of assembling and manufacturing electronic equipment of semiconductor testers.

December, 2005

Constructed a new factory due to business expansion (approx. 990 sq. m.).

December, 2006

Obtained ISO14001 (Environmental Management System).

December, 2008

Introduced a chip mounter and a nitrogen reflow system.

August, 2009

Started the business of assembling and manufacturing system cables for electronic components.

March, 2012

Started the business of assembling and manufacturing cables for products related to liquid crystals and hard discs.

August, 2013

Introduced an optical inspection system and a visual inspection support system for printed boards.

November, 2013

Started the business of packaging large multi-layer printed boards for the Taiwanese market.

January, 2014

Added a printer to produce printed boards.

April, 2015

Added a cable cutting machine.

August, 2015

Added a chip mounter for large multi-layer boards.

June, 2016

Transferred all of the shares of PRO·CEED Inc. to Daiichi Denzai Co., Ltd.

August, 2017

Added a jet printer for printed boards.

February, 2018

Increased the capital to JPY 30 million.


Our Environmental Practices

Environmental disruption, such as global warming and air pollution, is increasingly becoming a severe social problem, and environmentally-friendly manners are also required in our business activities as a manufacturer. We have thus set up the following environmental policy based on which all staff at our company will carry out business activities.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy
PRO·CEED Inc. (hereinafter “PRO·CEED”) endeavors to promote free, vigorous, and comprehensive business activities while aiming to make a substantial contribution to an eco-friendly and recycling society.

Basic Principles
PRO·CEED, as a company that assembles and manufactures industrial printed boards, cables and terminal electronic equipment, will promote environmental management based on the principles described below, and pursue continuous improvement of the management system to prevent environmental pollution.

1. PRO·CEED will properly maintain awareness of the environmental effects resulting from our business activities; identify environmental laws, regulations, agreements and other requirements pertaining thereto; and comply with those legal requirements.

2. PRO·CEED will set an environmental objective, target, and management plan to the extent technologically and economically possible, and we all work for the plan to continuously improve our environmental performance and management system.

3. PRO·CEED will promote the following actions as primary environmental management measures for the environmental effects resulting from our activities.
(1) Promote reduction and recycling of waste to mitigate the environmental load
(2) Actively work for resource conservation and energy efficiency to prevent resource depletion
(3) Actively promote environmental conservation activities in the local community through our business

4. PRO·CEED will carry out internal environment audits and reviews periodically, and work for the revision, maintenance, and improvement of the environmental management system.

5. PRO·CEED will take steps to ensure that people who work in or for the company are familiar with this Environmental Policy and implement and maintain the Policy so that they can keep their environmental awareness high and the objectives can be met.

6. This Environmental Policy will be disclosed to the public.

March 1, 2006
President of PRO·CEED Inc.